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Research on the Path of Improving the Employment Ability of Students in Application-oriented Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.081


Shan Cao

Corresponding Author

Shan Cao


Application-oriented undergraduate colleges refer to those colleges that mainly focus on undergraduate education, serve the regional economy and society, rely on discipline construction, take social talents' needs as the training orientation, and train high-level and high-quality applied talents based on application-oriented professional education. In recent years, with the rise and expansion of local undergraduate colleges, the number of college graduates has soared, but the employment situation is not optimistic. This paper analyzes the reasons for the lack of employability of local application-oriented undergraduate students, and finds that local application-oriented undergraduate universities pay insufficient attention to the cultivation of practical ability in employment, which is mainly due to the unclear objectives of training programs, the lack of training subjects and insufficient attention to practical ability. Finally, it puts forward ways to improve the employability of application-oriented undergraduate students from different aspects.


Applied undergraduate course, College students, Employability, Lifting path