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Research on Experimental Teaching Mode of Electrical Measurement Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.080


Weifeng Chen, Yong Luo

Corresponding Author

Weifeng Chen


"Electrical measurement technology" is a basic course of electrical engineering and automation. With strong theoretical and practical, it is a knowledge and skill course for electrical professionals and electricians. At present, the State advocates strengthening the cultivation of engineering students' innovative practice ability and engineering practice ability. "Electrical measurement technology" is a professional course of electrical engineering and automation. Since this part of the content is also very easy to understand for senior science and engineering students, we need to find appropriate experimental teaching methods to change students' boring learning habits, fully stimulating students' interest in learning. Through theoretical teaching, multimedia teaching and experiments, students can skillfully use multimeter, DC regulated power supply, signal source, oscilloscope and other common instruments and meters. Because this course will directly serve the production practice, we should not blindly follow the previous teaching mode, but should fully embody the practicality and professional pertinence of the course, combine theory with practice, and pay equal attention to knowledge and ability. In this paper, the teaching ideas and concrete implementation steps of the discussion experiment are discussed, and the teaching practice of the proposed method is carried out by taking the current detection experiment as an example.


Electrical measurement, technology, teaching mode