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Analysis on the Incentive Problems of University Human Resource Management Based on Competency

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.078


Yu Zhu, Yaoxin Song, Chengzhi Tang, Dan Xin

Corresponding Author

Dan Xin


In the era of knowledge economy, the scale and level of running a university have been significantly improved. University human resources refer to the collective name of people who can promote the development of higher education, train talents and contribute to economic and social development, and have the ability of intellectual labor and physical labor and are in labor. For a university, whether it has a highly competitive, high-quality and high-level talent team is related to its survival and development. Only by balancing theoretical and practical teaching, can high-quality talents meet the requirements of enterprises be cultivated. It has become an extremely urgent task to explore the practical teaching system of human resource management major in application-oriented undergraduate universities. This paper discusses the innovative strategies of university human resources management from the perspective of competence, and points out that in the process of formulating human resources policies, universities should establish a reasonable incentive mechanism and restraint mechanism in combination with their strategic development goals and strengths.


Human resources, Incentive mechanism, Competence