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Analysis of the Media Communication Path of Mobile Reading Platform in Digital Library

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.077


Shengrong Wang

Corresponding Author

Shengrong Wang


With the development of digital technology and the popularization of computer products and the Internet, the number of college students who use computers, mobile phones and other network electronic terminals to receive and read network electronic information is gradually increasing. New media information attracts college students because of its diverse information forms, infinitely rich content and instant process interaction, which makes them read and communicate more conveniently and get in touch with social hot issues in a timely and extensive manner. With the popularization and application of wireless network, the mobile service of digital library, as a new library service mode, is getting more and more attention, and the library service is undergoing great changes. In this paper, based on the media communication path of the mobile reading platform of digital library, the university library must change its own way according to students' reading needs, expand new ways and service channels on the basis of continuing to provide traditional reading ways, and carry out mobile reading work with the core of meeting users' information needs.


Digital library, Mobile reading platform, Media