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Research on Student Education Management Methods in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on OEC Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.073


Junfang Du, Yuguang Dou, Changchun Dai

Corresponding Author

Yuguang Dou


Compared with ordinary college students, vocational college students also have their own particularities. Apart from their commonness with ordinary college students, they also have their own unique characteristics. Match with ordinary universities, vocational colleges have a short running time, and they are not very clear about the characteristics and development laws of colleges and their students. Through education innovation, higher vocational colleges can form a student education management mode in which education leads management, education blends with management, management promotes education, management deepens education, and education and management interact with each other. Taking the education management of students in higher vocational colleges as for instance, this paper analysis the characteristics of students in higher vocational colleges, and explores the construction of OEC education management mode for students in higher vocational colleges in consideration of the existing problems and shortcomings.


OEC, Higher vocational colleges, Student education management