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Research on Humanistic Connotation of Moral Education in the New Period

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.069


Wei Hou

Corresponding Author

Wei Hou


At the beginning of the formulation of German curriculum standards, the basic idea was to carry out the fundamental task of cultivating people by virtue, and German curriculum was regarded as the carrier of practicing socialist core values. Humanistic spirit is a noble realm, excellent quality and persistent pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. Spirit is not a concrete viewpoint, doctrine or doctrine, but a high degree of integration of various viewpoints with people's knowledge, emotion, meaning and action. This paper discusses the humanistic connotation of German discipline in the new period and its relationship with core literacy, and how to embody the educational policy and teaching characteristics of German discipline, and puts forward constructive suggestions and ideas for the implementation of German discipline literacy and curriculum standards.


New period, German discipline, Humanistic connotation