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The Profit Models of Chinese Online Music Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.065


Yingzixuan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yingzixuan Zhang


With the development of the Internet and data technology, online music platform has shown its key ability to distribute musical works, which has become one of the most important ways for people to consume music nowadays. This paper selects Tencent Music Entertainment Group (hereafter ‘TME’) as the research object and adopts literature analysis including academic articles and financial reports as the main research method. This article will discuss the representative and diversified profit models and analyze the strategies adopted by TME now and in the future. In addition, suggestions for achieving mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with the short video industry will also be elaborated at the end of the article.


Online music platform, Tencent Music Entertainment Group, profit model, Chinese music industry