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Research on the Integration Path of Music Curriculum and Moral Education Curriculum in Undergraduate Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.062


Yunyei Lan

Corresponding Author

Yunyei Lan


In colleges and universities, music education is a relatively important art education, is the main carrier of undergraduate colleges and universities to carry out quality education.As the main mode of music education, music curriculum contains a wealth of aesthetic, moral, humanistic and other educational functions.Therefore, the comprehensive development of music curriculum in undergraduate education plays a very important role in talent training.The mutual development of music curriculum and moral education curriculum forms the moral education function of music education, which is also the core element for undergraduate colleges to construct and improve the music teaching system and moral education system.The integration of moral education in undergraduate music courses can achieve the purpose of standardizing students' conduct and rectifying students' thoughts. Therefore, it is necessary to properly integrate moral education courses in the development of music courses to improve the comprehensive quality of undergraduate students.


Undergraduate college, Music course, Moral education, The fusion path