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Research on the Development of Tourism Industry in Resource-Based City Jixi

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.059


Zhang Mao

Corresponding Author

Zhang Mao


Resource-based cities refer to cities that rely on natural resources in the process of social and economic development. The main industries are the development of natural resources and the primary processing industry. These industries are usually non-renewable, so such cities are called resource-based cities. Resource-based cities have the characteristics of simple development of industrial structure, usually only pay attention to economic growth, often neglect the development of the protection of the ecological environment and the development of natural resources, when natural resources are exhausted, the local economy, economic recession, natural ecology Will be irreundered, resulting in ecological imbalance, hindering the development of socio-economic activities, which makes the advantageous resources of resource-based cities in development unlimited use of exhaustion, and gradually develop into resource depleted cities.


Tourism industry, Resource-based city, Jixi