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Research on the Relationship between China's Book Publishing Industry and Performance Management from the Perspective of 5g Network

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.058


Wei Xia

Corresponding Author

Wei Xia


With the vigorous development of digital information technology, modern science and technology with coexistence of interactivity and technology, that is, 5G network technology, is quietly changing people's reading methods and book consumption. In order to increase the reading volume of books per capita in China and promote the sustainable development of the book publishing industry, this study used factor analysis to explore the interaction between book publishing and performance management under the hypermedia narrative mode. Against the background of 5G network, the application of technology and other related content was also be analyzed, a testable relationship model was constructed. The results show that the organizational innovation and content production contained in the book publishing hypermedia narrative model all have path coefficients, indicating that the control and optimization of the above-mentioned dimensional variables is one of the powerful means to improve corporate performance.


Hypermedia narrative mode, Book publishing, Performance management, Factor analysis