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Research on the Floating of Railway Container Transport Price under the Condition of Break-Even

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.052


Zhiting Wang, Xiaodong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaodong Zhang


Multimodal transportation can integrate the advantages of various transportation methods, reduce transportation and logistics costs, and promote reasonable transportation. The development of railway container multimodal transport is of great significance to promote the development of railway modern logistics and to improve the quality and efficiency of the transportation industry. As an important lever in the transportation market, price is one of the important factors that affect customers' choice of cargo transportation. A scientific and reasonable freight rate can significantly improve the competitiveness of the railway container transportation market. In the context of multimodal transport, this article takes China Railway Container Transport Corp, as the object, focusing on determining the fluctuation range of railway container freight rates for different container types under break-even. After calculation and analysis, it is found that under break-even, the fluctuation range of freight rates increases with the increase in transportation mileage decreases, and the price of a 20ft container with the same transportation distance drops more than a 40ft container.


Railway container, Price floating of freight, Break-even