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Teaching Reform and Practical Research Strategy of Basic English Writing in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.041


Xiang-yang wang, Chuan guo Zuo

Corresponding Author

Chuan guo Zuo


As one of the international languages, English plays an important role in the communication between countries.English is also a required course in the teaching of applied undergraduate majors. Students are required to master and use English to communicate, so as to improve their comprehensive quality.As the main content of English teaching, basic writing has a direct impact on the improvement of students' comprehensive English literacy.This paper takes application-oriented universities as the entry point, analyzes the problems existing in the teaching of basic English writing, and puts forward targeted reform measures based on the teaching practice, so as to greatly improve the teaching quality of basic English writing and provide more high-quality talents for the society.


Application-oriented undergraduate degree, English basic writing, The teaching reform