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Research on the Cultivation of Musicology Professionals under the Integration Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.038


Su Ma

Corresponding Author

Su Ma


“Four integration” refers to the talent training mechanism that integrates the standards of talent training with social needs, innovation and entrepreneurship education with professional education, practical education with industrial education, and personalized training with quality standards.Under the guidance of “four integration”, the musicology professional talents are personalized musical talents with comprehensive musical ability and innovative ability, which adapt to the social needs.However, most universities in China do not train musicology professionals in accordance with the ultimate standard of “four integration” because of the single teaching standard, the theoretical teaching content, the traditional teaching method and the teaching system, and the lack of professional teachers.Therefore, colleges and universities should adhere to the “four integration” as the guidance to train comprehensive musicology professional talents.


“four phase fusion”, Musicology talent, Professional talents, Colleges and universities