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Research and analysis of the future development direction and management mode of enterprise business management

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.033



Corresponding Author



With the continuous development and progress of my country's economy and society at present, further changes have taken place in the management of enterprises. The current management of the enterprise has also achieved a better improvement in efficiency. In the actual process of business management and development, many companies still have many problems in their development. The company has not improved its own management and related systems, and has not paid much attention to management. The traditional operating principle of prioritizing the development of relevant interests is still used for development, which has led to many management loopholes in the development of enterprises. The article is based on specific analysis and exploration of the future development direction of enterprise business management, and makes detailed strategic analysis and discussion on the exploration of enterprise management mode, which can provide relevant scientific reference opinions and help for the current enterprise development.


Business management of enterprises, development direction and trend, analysis and exploration