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Business Model of Social Commerce Platform from the Perspective of Value Co-Creation: Based on a Case Research of Wechat Ecology

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.027


Jinjun Yu, Zhengnan Xuan, Hongli Wang, Shucui Wang

Corresponding Author

Shucui Wang


With the end of the dividend in the traffic era, social commerce has become a new product in the post-e-commerce era, and its scale has grown rapidly. Based on the characteristics of the social commerce industry, this research attempts to study its business model, and builds a business model analysis model of social commerce platform. The model summarizes the key elements and reorganization value modules, revealing the internal mechanism and innovation path of its business model. Through the integration of the value network, the business ecology of the social commerce platform will be formed, and ultimately the multi-party value win-win will be realized. The research results provide a reference for the business model with sustainable competitive advantage in the social commerce platform in the context of mobile internet.


Value co-creation, Social commerce, Business model, Business ecosystem