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The Patterns of Hezhang Walnut Industry Development from the Perspective of Characteristic Agriculture

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.024


Yujie Wang, Xingwang Liu

Corresponding Author

Yujie Wang


As a requisite part of modern agriculture, characteristic agriculture can make full use of regional comparative advantages, improve the utilization rate of resources and the competitiveness of agricultural products, and promote the development of regional modern agriculture. According to the connotation of characteristic agriculture and the regional conditions of Hezhang County, from the perspective of characteristic agriculture, this paper analyzes the patterns and results of Hezhang walnut industry, including: “natural resources advantage accelerates specialty agriculture”, “advantage of culture and tourism resources promotes sightseeing agriculture”, and “science and technology advantage facilitates demonstration agriculture”.


Walnut industry, Industry development, Characteristic agriculture, Development pattern, Hezhang county