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Cost Management of Earned Value Method

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.018


Tianyi Gu

Corresponding Author

Tianyi Gu


This paper first introduces the earned value method theory, through the intermediate variable attribute of the earned value method, solves the problem of the lack of attention to workload in traditional cost management. Then, in order to further improve the effect of cost control, based on combing the research status of earned value method and cost management and related theories, this paper demonstrates and improves the effectiveness and operability of this method in practical work, and puts forward corrective measures combined with dynamic cost management. This paper intends to carry out the research on cost management of the shipbuilding industry, explore the introduction of earned value method, effective new cost management scheme, reduce controllable costs, realize profit maximization, further enhance the profitability of the shipbuilding industry, improve the market competitiveness of our country.


Cost management, Earned value method, Oil tanker construction