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Research on the Construction of Internet Digital Learning Resources for Marketing

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.016



Corresponding Author



Adult education courses to face-to-face teaching, network as a supplement. For adult students, the conflict between work and work is prominent, and the time for students to attend class is limited. After years of active construction, online classroom has become a place for teachers to release teaching resources and a supplement for students to learn after class. However, we can also see that the construction of online classroom resources is mainly in the form of PPT, WORD and other resources. There are problems such as high repetition rate of resources, single form of resources, low utilization rate of students, and it can not actually achieve the purpose of self-study and self-improvement of students. For business administration major, strengthening curriculum practice and practical training construction is also an inseparable part of learning. Through the research on digital learning resources of marketing courses, it is hoped that it can not only enrich course resources and optimize the form of courses to meet the diverse learning needs of adults, so that students can lead a better life and improve their quality, but also provide solutions for resources of similar courses.


Marketing, Digital resource, Online learning, Adult education