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A Comparative Study of Marketing Strategies Based on New Media Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.014


Xinlei Cui

Corresponding Author

Xinlei Cui


With the advent of the Internet era, the media form has undergone tremendous changes, and gradually merged with information technology, forming a new media form. As an indispensable part of marketing strategy, enterprises are very important for the application of new media technology. The change of marketing mode of enterprises is an inevitable phenomenon with the development of economy, and the organic combination of marketing mode and new media is the key project studied by enterprises at present. Marketing must fully face up to new media, give full play to the technological advantages of new media, and promote the innovative development of marketing. Based on the marketing environment of Chinese enterprises and their own characteristics, this paper explores the marketing strategies under the new media technology, and analyzes the application market environment and applicable scope of various marketing strategies, hoping to guide enterprises how to correctly grasp and rationally use marketing strategies.


New media, Internet, Marketing strategy