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The Application of Knowledge Management in the International Management of Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.013


Wenjiao Du

Corresponding Author

Wenjiao Du


Educational organization is the main tool of the society's continuous pursuit of knowledge, knowledge management is the main function of educational organization, so the role of knowledge management in educational institutions is crucial, knowledge management is a collaborative and integrated approach adopted at different levels to ensure that the organization's knowledge assets are used optimally, thereby improving organizational performance. Although knowledge management has been adopted by many departments and organizations, the possibilities offered by knowledge management have not been fully utilized in the internationalization management of colleges and universities. In addition, although past studies have tried to emphasize the importance of implementing knowledge management in the international management of colleges and universities, there is a lack of a single, clear application template for knowledge management. This paper describes a practical and gradual process of successful application of knowledge management for international management in colleges and universities.


Knowledge management, International management of universities, Application