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Exploration on the New Mechanism of University Human Resources Development and Management Based on Innovation Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.012



Corresponding Author



As the highland where talents gather and the base of talent training, universities undertake the important tasks of talent training, knowledge innovation and social service. At present, university human resources management has become an important part of university daily management and an important basis for ensuring the development of university education. Human resources are the first resource among the elements of productivity. There are some problems in the development and management of human resources in colleges and universities, such as insufficient overall development of human resources, unreasonable structure of human resources, improper allocation of human resources and so on. The objective environment for the survival and development of universities is changing with each passing day, which puts forward higher requirements for talents' ability of cooperation, innovation and solving practical problems. Based on this, this paper analyzes and discusses the significance and measures of university human resources development and management mechanism innovation under the innovative environment.


Human resources, Management mechanism, Innovation environment