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Study On The Reform Of Vocational Education And Training System Under “ 1+X” Certificate System

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.127


Chaocai Shi

Corresponding Author

Chaocai Shi


1 + X certificate system is the innovation of vocational education personnel training mode, is an important carrier of school enterprise cooperation, has the role of career guidance, and is conducive to the seamless connection of talent supply and demand. At present, there are many obstacles to the implementation of the 1 + X certificate system, including the lack of top-level design basis for the 1 + X certificate system, the unsmooth two-way docking channel between production and education, the lack of a unified certification body, the lack of national certification standard system, the imperfection of the existing talent evaluation system, and the weak foundation of the “three education” of the vocational education and training system. In order to carry out the pilot work of the system and realize the reform and development of the vocational education and training system, the school should actively establish a teaching innovation team with 1 + X certificate, innovate the school running form of the vocational education and training system, and develop a modular curriculum system oriented to the “x” certificate; Government departments should do a good job in overall planning and top-level design, vigorously improve the relevant supporting systems, formulate the national assessment standards of “X” certificate, establish the collaborative certification system of 1 + X certificate, improve the national qualification framework as soon as possible, build an information sharing platform, and lay a solid foundation for the system construction of 1 + X certificate system.


1 + x certificate system, Vocational education and training system, Assessment standard, National qualifications framework