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Analysis of the Overall Structure and Practice Mode of the Intelligent Education System

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.121


Can Luo

Corresponding Author

Can Luo


The intelligent education system is a brand-new education model and teaching reform measures proposed by the college education system in the current information age. Through precise top-level design, the advantages of information technology can be effectively brought into play, and it can adapt to different teaching environments and become an intelligent auxiliary tool for schools to carry out teaching activities. Under the intelligent education system, the reconstruction of information education can be effectively realized through the modes of personalized learning, intelligent teachers, and precise management. With intelligent infrastructure as the core, the application scenarios, technical platforms, guarantee systems, The overall framework such as the learning system has effectively promoted the formation of modern teaching methods and provided technical support for the implementation of intelligent education.


Intelligent education, Information technology, Construction framework, Implementation model