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Research on the Innovative Path of Computer Basic Course Teaching under the Background of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.117


Yanhong Li

Corresponding Author

Yanhong Li


In the context of the current era, computer literacy affects the level of human development to a certain extent, and for a country and an enterprise, the comprehensive computer level of the country and all its members determines the quality of the country’s development. For this reason, relevant schools must think based on the needs of social development and the needs of the development of talents, and continue to innovate the teaching paths of basic computer courses to achieve the improvement of students’ computer literacy. However, the current computer foundations in various colleges and universities at all levels in our country the analysis of the current teaching situation of the course still exists similar to the backwardness of the course teaching content, the single method, and the lack of scientific and comprehensive evaluation methods, which cannot provide sufficient assistance for the reform and development of basic computer courses. At the same time, the innovative path of computer basic course teaching under the background of the big data era has greater practical significance and theoretical value.


Big data, Computer, Basic courses, Innovation path