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Research on the Doctrine of the Mean and Its Enlightenment to Contemporary Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.115


Xiaofei Ma

Corresponding Author

Xiaofei Ma


The doctrine of the mean is not eclecticism, but a lofty ideology and moral cultivation, a principle of freedom to advance and retreat, and a living wisdom of harmonious coexistence. The Doctrine of the Mean advocates a kind of “Shendu”, “Loyalty and Consideration” and “Sincerity”, a kind of “Shi Zhong” way of life, a kind of symbiosis of “all things grow together without harming each other.” And it is committed to achieving the harmony and unity of man, society and nature. Although the times are constantly changing, The Doctrine of the Mean still has a certain enlightenment and referential significance for contemporary education. It is conducive to promoting the perfection and healthy development of personality, realizing the unity of tool value and intrinsic value, and increasing the importance of ecological moral education.


The doctrine of the mean, Connotation, Educational enlightenment