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Higher Education Innovation and Cultivation of Innovative Talents Based on the Conflict of Value Expectation

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.114


Jie Li, Jingze Wu, Chun Wang

Corresponding Author

Jie Li


An important part of China's social reform is the reform of higher education. In today's increasingly high demand for talents, the cultivation of innovative talents is of great significance to China's development, and can even be called the core task of strategic development.The value expectation of educational development conflicts due to the individual differences of social subjects and the existence state of value objects. To a certain extent, the educational development strategy is to create favorable conditions to activate the functional value of the conflict of educational value expectation, so as to enhance the integration ability and adaptability of the whole education system.The theory and practice of training innovative talents reflect the continuous maturity of China's higher education. The characteristics of China's undergraduate innovative talent training are: policy orientation, mechanism establishment, and model formation.


The conflict of value expectation, Innovation of higher education, Cultivation of innovative talents