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Research on the Effective Integration of Local Curriculum Resources and Middle School Chinese Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.111


Dawa Pengcuo, Fu Zhang, Gezhi Duojie

Corresponding Author

Dawa Pengcuo


The traditional Chinese teaching can’t get rid of the thinking set of classroom and Chinese textbook, which narrows the category of Chinese. Local curriculum resources are close to the growing background and living environment of students and reflect the familiar things in the real life circle of teachers and students. In view of the dilemma, the author tried to integrate local curriculum resources into Chinese teaching of middle schools. Through teaching practice, the author found that the effective integration of local curriculum resources and middle school Chinese teaching could expand the breadth and depth of teaching content, and realize the natural extension of Chinese teaching from class to outside class.


Local curriculum resources, Chinese teaching in middle schools, Integration, Exploitation