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New Ideas, New Methods, New Ways: an Analysis of the Ideological and Political Work of Adult Education Young Students in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.110


Teng Yan, Mengzhen Xia

Corresponding Author

Mengzhen Xia


The number of adult colleges and universities is decreasing at a rate of 10% every year, and adult higher education is showing a trend of younger age. Our college stands at the height of cultivating and shaping people, keeping abreast of the pulse of young people’s thoughts, innovating working methods, and exploring and using” Careful, sincere, assured, united, caring, “Five-hearted work method” to carry out ideological and political work. The college carries out ideological and political work for young students through the “five-hearted work method”. The mental outlook of young students has been renewed, showing that you are chasing me With the rush and positive atmosphere, batches of outstanding young people are growing rapidly.


Adult education young students, Attentive, Sincere, Assured, Concentric, Caring