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Campus Learning Mutual Aid Platform Based on O2o Model

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.107


Shen Chao, Lei Yuanpeng, Ruan Jianing, Yu Hang

Corresponding Author

Yu Hang


With the popularization of smart handheld terminals such as smart phones and tablet computers, the mobile learning model has become one of the directions for future education development. The “Progress and Worry-Free” App is a learning mutual aid platform for college students, which allows students to combine learning with social interaction, without losing sight of one another. The platform mainly uses the construction of O2O business model to provide college students with C2C and B2C multiple service methods, create their own spiritual home for college students in the Internet era, and establish online-offline, offline-online learning mutual assistance channels. The App design of the product platform is divided into two versions: IOS system and Android system. In order to facilitate the login, it can also be connected with the WeChat applet. The interface design is guided by a simple and clear style, and is divided into three parts: user center, product function and software feedback. Campus students find like-minded students to make progress together through the App platform; the App platform introduces academic masters, specialized research groups, and scientific research teams with technical expertise as a platform for business display. Through mutual help and mutual assistance in professional skills, college students complete efficient and useful social interactions, thereby improving the overall academic and scientific research level of the campus.


O2o model, Campus learning mutual aid platform, User behavior analysis