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The Exploration of Ways to Cultivate Students' Innovative Ability in University Piano Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.105



Corresponding Author



At this stage, Chinese government departments are actively working to promote the reform of quality education. The ultimate goal is to effectively promote the personalized development of students. At the same time, the education authorities in my country also require educational institutions at all levels to strengthen the cultivation of students’ artistic literacy. , So that it can establish a strong sense of artistic innovation, and continuously improve its artistic appreciation ability, so as to help students shape the perfect character. The piano art is a kind of art with a strong educational nature. It can not only effectively improve the students' artistic accomplishment, but also greatly enhance the students' art appreciation ability, and the status of college piano courses in the college art curriculum system is also With the improvement year by year, in the environment of quality education, the goal of piano teaching in colleges and universities has also changed greatly, from the original foundation of cultivating research talents to the core of cultivating innovative talents. In view of this, this research mainly analyzes the path of cultivating students' innovative ability in piano teaching in colleges and universities, with the purpose of further enhancing students' awareness of piano knowledge and innovation learning.


Colleges and universities, Piano teaching, Innovation ability, Training strategy