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Research on Teaching Reform Practice of Computer Network Technology in Universities in the Era of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.101


Hai-bing zhang, Pei-pei Li

Corresponding Author

Pei-pei Li


The teaching of computer network technology focuses on cultivating the applied skills needed by the society, but the difference between higher education and computer technology in knowledge update and iteration makes it difficult for the students majoring in computer network technology to meet the social needs.Big data, with its richness and openness of information resources, brings both opportunities and challenges to traditional education.Combining computer network technology education with big data and making full use of the rich educational resources and channels in the network can effectively change the disadvantages of traditional computer network technology education and cultivate professional talents more in line with the needs of the society.Therefore, this paper analyzes the current teaching situation of computer network technology courses, and puts forward the teaching strategies of computer network technology through the online and offline hybrid teaching mode, in order to provide reference for promoting the reform of computer network technology courses.


Big data, The computer, Course, The teaching reform