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The Teaching Design and Practice of “Golden Course” of Social Practice Course under the Background of First-Class Undergraduate Course Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.095


Hai-e wang, Zhi-jian Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhi-jian Wang


“Social practice course” aims at cultivating students' comprehensive ability and cultivating students' awareness and ability of knowing, researching, understanding and serving the society, which puts forward new requirements for the teaching of social practice course in the construction of first-class undergraduate courses.This paper analyzes the social practice course teaching present situation and existing problems, and from the first class undergraduate course, train high quality applied engineering technical personnel's mouth, proposed to the social practice course curriculum teaching design idea of the construction of “gold”, hope this research can undergraduate “gold class” teaching and “gold” construction to provide the beneficial reference.


First-class undergraduate, Curriculum construction, Social practice, Gold class, Teaching