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Analysis on the Training Mode of Business English Majors' Demand Based on School Enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.092


Xiangheng Luo, Juanjuan Wu

Corresponding Author

Juanjuan Wu


Under the background of economic globalization, school-enterprise cooperation is the only way to train business English majors. Only by taking the road of school-enterprise cooperation can business English majors realize the seamless connection between talent training in colleges and employers' demand for talents. With the continuous development of the current society, there is a growing demand for applied talents in society, so it is very important to train professional talents in modern college education. Enterprise-cooperative talent training mode not only lays a solid theoretical foundation for business English professionals, but also cultivates certain practical skills. Facing the development of economic globalization, school-enterprise cooperation has become a new model, which is a necessary way to cultivate business English talents at this stage. This article will explore how to jointly develop business English professional courses through school-enterprise cooperation under the background of talent training model, gradually optimize the talent training model of colleges and universities and the business English major curriculum setting system, and cultivate more business that meets actual needs for employers. English professionals.


School enterprise cooperation, Business english major, Talent demand training