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A Correlation Study of Nadal's and Federer's Technical Indicators in Different Tennis Arenas

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.032


Kun Tian, Meifang Zhou, Qian Zhao, Zuhua Xie

Corresponding Author

Kun Tian


The objective of this paper is to explore Nadal and Federer's technical indicators and scores in the tennis match and the relevance of the venue, and provide theoretical guidance for tactical choices for tennis matches at different venues. The literature indexes of Federer and Nadal's 38 games were analyzed by using the literature method, video observation method and correlation analysis method. The tactical characteristics, technical indicators, scores and associations with the venues were explored. Results show that Federer uses more offensive tactics in technical indicators, and it is suitable for fast courses such as hard ground and grass. Nadal uses more defensive tactics in technical indicators and is suitable for slow courts such as clay courts. Therefore, in tennis matches, tactics should be chosen according to different playing fields. In slow games, defensive tactics should be selected more. In fast games, offensive tactics should be applied.


Federer, Nadal, correlation analysis, technical indicators.