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The Construction and Practice of Online and Offline Mixed “Gold Course” -- Taking the Course “under Automobile Construction” as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.090


Zhengwu Liu, Meisheng He

Corresponding Author

Meisheng He


According to the advanced and innovative teaching requirements proposed under the new engineering background, the construction of the “golden course” of online and offline education needs to consider the construction of online resources, the improvement measures of offline teaching, and how to “mix” online and offline education.The course “Under Automobile Structure” of Hunan University of Communications Engineering adopts the mixed online and offline teaching method, and uses the Superstar platform as the online platform. The course construction plan and implementation process are given.The practice shows that the curriculum construction has a remarkable effect on the reconstruction of knowledge system, the transformation of learning subjects, and the cultivation of engineering application ability, which plays a good demonstration role in the universities in the province.


A mix of online and offline, Gold course, Superstar platform