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Exploration and Research on the Application of Human Resource Management in Undergraduate Classroom Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.088


Fei Zhang, Chun-xiang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Chun-xiang Zhao


In order to better improve the theory, there are some problems such as students' enthusiasm is not high and their attention is not concentrated in class The teaching effect of the classroom can be learned from the six modules of enterprise human resource management, namely, human resource planning, recruitment and allocation, training and development The effective application of salary and benefit management and labor relationship management in enterprise personnel management, research enterprise human resource management in high How to apply vocational theory in the classroom, using the six modules for students' attendance, discipline, enthusiasm and other aspects about Beam and incentive, so as to better manage the state of students listening to the class, stimulate the interest of students listening to the class, and summarize and improve the research process.


Undergraduate university, Human resource management, Theory class, Teaching