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Research on the Influencing Factors and Development Trend of University Students' Mobile Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.078


Le Zhang

Corresponding Author

Le Zhang


How to use mobile technology to carry out educational and teaching activities, provide learners with high-quality teaching resources, construct learning scenarios anytime and anywhere, and provide rich and personalized learning content, has become a hot area of research and practice at home and abroad. From a practical point of view, the enthusiasm and effect of college students for mobile learning does not match the current development level of mobile technology and digital learning technology; from a research perspective, there have been studies on the factors that hinder the in-depth development of mobile learning, and Researches on specific influencing factors, such as exploring their mechanism of action, are not systematic and comprehensive. This research focuses on the “impeding factors and mechanism of mobile learning for college students”, from a systematic perspective, clarifies the core factors that affect college students' mobile learning, deeply analyzes the interaction and restrictive relationship between various elements, and explores the impact of college students' mobile learning The mechanism of action is to propose a scientific, reasonable and feasible mobile learning service system that meets the actual needs of college students. The theoretical level further enriches, improves and expands the mobile learning theoretical system; the practical level promotes the deepening of mobile learning activities for college students, provides them with a richer, scientific and effective mobile learning service system, and improves the effect and quality of mobile learning for college students.


College students, Mobile learning, Influencing factors, Development trend