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Research on Training Mechanism of Applied Talents of Electronic Information under the Background of New Engineering Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.076


Guo Xiang Liu

Corresponding Author

Guo Xiang Liu


China has the largest engineering education in the world at present. “New engineering” is a new viewpoint of engineering education advancing with The Times in order to adapt to the economic development. In view of the new construction under the background of engineering Local engineering applied undergraduate college of electronic information engineering education reform, development and existing problem, the electronic information engineering specialty of “new engineering” positioning, around the regional industry development demand, formulate development planning, enhancing university-enterprise cooperation, further improve the engineering practice ability of the teachers and students to engineering practice skills learning interest, promoting the economic development of new electronic information for the area and regional transformation of electronic information engineering applied undergraduate colleges and universities. The practice proves that the reform measures in this paper are effective.


The new engineering, Electronic information, Application-oriented talents