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Research on Strategies for Improving College English Teachers' Teaching Design Ability in Local Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.074


Hua Li Huang

Corresponding Author

Hua Li Huang


The improvement of teaching ability of college teachers is an important guarantee for the teaching quality of colleges and universities. Especially in the rapid development of education information today, it requires teachers to make use of modern technology, integrate resources and innovate teaching ability.Therefore, local colleges and universities need to pay attention to the cultivation and improvement of college English teachers' instructional design ability.At present, the teaching ability of college English teachers in some local colleges and universities is generally low, the classroom teaching design is lack, the teaching application ability and the ability to use information technology to integrate the teaching resources are also insufficient.Therefore, how to improve the teaching design ability of teachers and improve the teaching quality is worth discussing.


College english, Local colleges and universities, Research on teaching competence