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Study on Intervention and Adjustment of Mental Health Crisis of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.072


Bai jing

Corresponding Author

Bai jing


In the face of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the college students who are in the psychological from immature to mature stage of development, are prone to mood swings, panic attacks, anxiety, even mild depression and other psychological problems. For the mental health problems of the college students, Colleges and universities should make use of educational resources to carry out educational propaganda and on-line psychological counseling. We should use this as an opportunity and guide students to life values, sense of responsibility, coping ability and other psychological quality to help college students maintain a healthy and mature psychological. Thus, the college students can respond to all kinds of unexpected situations and setbacks in life actively.


The new coronavirus epidemic, Psychology health education, Adjustment countermeasures