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Research on the Integration Mechanism of Party Construction and Ideological and Political Education in Marxist College

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.071


Jiafa Mao, Yong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yong Zhou


New era of marxism institute of deepening development opportunity, at the same time also faces many new problems and new challenges, Party building as the starting point, comprehensive improve the quality of work of marxist college party branch construction, promote the marxism the scientific and standardization of college party construction and ideological work, innovation, become the key work of the school of marxism.Marxism under the new situation of scientific development challenges of financing mechanism, do a good job in party building and ideological work requires four relations as well as to grasp the good school of marxism party construction and political education work characterized by the integration of the depth of the route choice illustrates the three aspects, in order to “promote the combination of the two, stimulate the vitality of ideological work, improve the educational effectiveness.


Undergraduate college, Party building and ideological politics, Education, Financing mechanism