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Research on Labor Education of Undergraduate Universities from the Perspective of Marxist Labor Values

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.070


Yong Zhou, Jiafa Mao

Corresponding Author

Jiafa Mao


Marxist labor values have typical macroscopic characteristics.As college students, how to use such labor values to guide their personal study and life is not only the key issue that students should pay attention to in the stage of college education, but also has a very important significance for their future growth.Different stages of social development and background of the impact of work values of college students is also different, if you want to play in modern education of colleges and universities the guidance of marxist labor value, the need for college students at present stage labor values like status and root cause analysis, and from the dimensions of the complete accordance with the requirements of the modern society of labor education in colleges and universities.


Marxism, Labor values, Undergraduate university, Labor education