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Analysis on the Application of Task-Based Teaching Method on College Business English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.069


Juanjuan Wu, Xiangheng Luo

Corresponding Author

Xiangheng Luo


Business English is a specialized English language (ESP) that serves the business activities of the English language as a medium. The content covered by Business English involves many areas related to business and all aspects of business activities. After my country's entry into the WTO, international exchanges have increased day by day, and business English teaching has received unprecedented attention, and the study of business English teaching methods is naturally placed in front of people. Although domestic research on ESP teaching started late, it has developed rapidly. The traditional translation method in basic English teaching has also achieved great results in ESP teaching. However, the essential characteristics of English for specific purposes determine the needs of learners. It is the starting point and center of ESP teaching, especially business English teaching in higher vocational schools. A series of new teaching methods have emerged from this, the more common ones are the communicative method, Audiovisual method, task teaching method, etc.


Task-based teaching, Business english teaching, Application study