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The Reform of Experiencing Teaching in College English teaching and study

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.061


Qian Zhang

Corresponding Author

Qian Zhang


College English teaching in the traditional form overemphasizes the importance of results, and to some extent ignores the individualized training of students. In particular, college English is more important to students. To meet the needs of the new curriculum reform, the introduction of Experiencing teaching can better cater to the psychological characteristics of primary school students in college English teaching. Therefore, experience teaching has been widely used. This paper summarizes the theoretical basis of Experiencing teaching, understands the powerful theoretical support of Experiencing teaching. It analyzes and expounds the college English Experiencing teaching in detail, and points out that it adheres to the principle of student-oriented, scientific knowledge and real life as the background in practice.


Experiencing teaching, University English, Teaching method