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Exploration on Development Modes of Chinese Open Universities Based on Online Resource Sharing Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.040


Linli Chen

Corresponding Author

Linli Chen


It is a tendency of universities to have internationalization development. Open universities of China regard it as one of the core concepts of their development. The exploration on modes of internationalization development for Chinese universities is not an easy task. As a core concept of development of Chinese open universities, internationalization plays a significant role in realizing their development goal so as to increase their international influence, competitiveness and attractiveness. Universities at all levels in China including open universities are facing the same situation of internationalization development. It is worth discussing on exploring of more suitable and better modes of internationalization development for open universities to better develop them into world first-class open universities with Chinese characteristics. In this paper, modes of internationalization development based on online resource sharing cooperation will be introduced, hoping to cast some enlightenment on further research in this field.


Internationalization, Modes, Development, Online resource, Distance education