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Research on Workshop Teaching Method of the Course “Automotive Emission Pollution and Control”

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.033


Lili Zheng

Corresponding Author

Lili Zheng


“Automotive Emission Pollution and Control” is an undergraduate professional course for vehicle engineering, energy and power engineering in colleges and universities. In the current teaching model, teaching, questioning, and multimedia are used. Students' mastery of core knowledge is still at the level of instilling, understanding, memorizing or accepting. The mastery of knowledge seems to be solid, but the understanding is not deep, let alone flexible application. Through the course Workshop teaching method, with the core knowledge points of the course as the workshop theme, it promotes the transformation of students from passive learning to active interactive learning, further improves the course teaching effect, and enhances students' research and learning ability. At the same time, it also provides experience reference for curriculum reforms for other professional core courses and professional characteristic courses of engineering.


Workshop, Teaching method, Automotive