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Research on Project-Oriented Teaching Mode of Interior Design Major:Take the Course Design Research and User Survey as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.031


Manjie Yang, Mengge Huo, Hongyi Li

Corresponding Author

Manjie Yang


Design Research and User Survey is a major compulsory course of Interior Design in the School of Art and Design of Geely University. Its follow-up courses include visual communication synthesis, landscape planning and design of residential districts, commercial display design and so on. This course, mainly based on design research and investigation and user research, uses data collection method to help students to master basic concepts, methods, modes and application procedures of design research and user research. It aims to balance students’ skills in drawing design solutions with their visualization skills for drawing problems and demands, to create new design tools and research methods and to design ideas, systems and methods through user research and experience in user research field. In this course, the mode of design research report writing and the mode of task card workshop driving are used to design applications for this program.


Project-oriented, Design research, User research, Empathy, Interior design