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Construction of Electronic Information Innovation Experiment Platform Based on Engineering Education Certification

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.028


Wei HU

Corresponding Author

Wei HU


In order to deepen the innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities, this paper introduces the construction contents of the innovation experimental platform of electronic information, taking optoelectronic information science and engineering as an example. Electronic information engineering is a newly-built scientific research discipline in China. Through its specialized research, a large number of high-quality talents can be delivered to the motherland. This practice can not only promote the progress and development of China's science and technology, but also make suggestions for China's electronic information construction, establish laboratories, upgrade scientific research hardware, and train a group of excellent talents with strong practical ability. With the development of society, more and more attention has been paid to innovative talents, and the training of high-quality students has become a path that universities must choose. The rapid development of the electronic information industry has increased the demand for professional talents. In order to meet the needs of the industry In the current situation, an electronic information innovation laboratory has been created to implement scientific management methods, effectively utilize various resources, and realize the orderly and sustainable development of the innovation laboratory.


Engineering education certification, Electronic information, Innovative experimental platform