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Business English Teaching and Intercultural Communicative Competence Training Based on Needs Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.023


Mingfei Zhao

Corresponding Author

Mingfei Zhao


Economic globalization calls for compound talents who have solid language skills and are familiar with international business rules and cultures around the world. Therefore, how to cultivate students' intercultural communicative competence has become one of the main contents of business English teaching. Cross-cultural communicative competence refers to the language ability of comprehensive control and judgment formed by students in business English literacy training. There are many problems in business English teaching in the context of demand, such as prominent formalism, insufficient training of individualized cross-cultural communication skills, and lack of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. Cultivating students' intercultural communicative competence is the direction of our foreign language teaching reform. Business English teaching is inseparable from the cultivation of intercultural communicative competence. In linguistics, intercultural communication mainly refers to the flexible transformation of learners' thinking mode in the process of learning and accumulating knowledge. And the transformation in this process is diverse, including the influence of different languages and the transformation between different ways of expression.


Business english teaching, Intercultural communication ability, Student needs