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Innovative Thinking of Computer Basic Course Based on Marxist Practice Method

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.021


Huanxiao Xu, Xingqin Lv, Hongyun Chen

Corresponding Author



As an important component of Marxist philosophy, the view of practice is the foundation and premise of Marxist theory. The understanding of Marxist theory requires a deep understanding of the Marxist view of practice and a further grasp of its scientific connotation. At the same time, the research on Marxist view of practice is helpful to promote the construction and development of China's socialist modernization. Computer Basis is a public compulsory course for all non-computer majors in colleges and universities. Computer technology is updated quickly and has strong practicality. How to innovate constantly in teaching to meet the needs of compound talents in the information age is a problem that teachers should think about. Based on the innovation of basic computer courses, this article explores the application of Marxist practice method in computer teaching. Therefore, it is necessary to objectively understand the Marxist view of practice and grasp its connotation, so as to actively explore its time significance and enlightenment, enhance the sense of innovation, realize the close connection between theory and practice, and create a good social environment.


Marxism, Practice method, Fundamentals of computer